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Blog: AKUEN Med Improving oneself

I’m not one for New Years resolutions as I believe that targets and goals should be made throughout the year. I do feel it’s important to book experiences around the year ahead so that one can work towards improving themselves. Picking experiences that enriches physical, mental and spiritual health is what keeps our body balanced.

My personal targets to boost my own health this year are largely set in motion already. For improving physical health I’m planning to take up daily skipping. Looking at research skipping is a great way in to do focused cardiovascular exercise.

I’m still climbing at the wall and practicing my calisthenics and yoga regularly.
I took a bit of hiatus from parkour since I broke my ribs but I’m planning to have some regular parkour personal training sessions to get back into it.
I’ve signed on with a group of client and friends to take part in a 13k Spartan obstacle run in July. This will give me a strong reason to boost my physical training.

In May I have month of yoga teacher training course in Thailand. This will also act as a retreat to cleanse my mind and and spirit as the training involves daily meditation. Plus detoxing on a vegan diet I feel that this will be a wonderful opportunity to change up the lifestyle. I’ll probably join the Muay Thai boxing gym whilst I’m there also.

I’ve booked leisure trip to rest and see family in Canada in June. We are going to have a great nature experience in Canada exploring the wilderness.

I{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”1a44d76a-a428-4a72-bb6c-5550871352fb”,”srcRootClientId”:””} haven’t forgotten my last years targets and I’m still learning the harp and going to pick up the Chinese zither this year in more in-depth learning. I feel that learning playing music really help enrich mind and just very rewarding when you make some progress, even if the steps seem small, i feel its gradually improving.