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  1. Hema Bhikha

    Ken is absolutely fantastic. very knowledgable, giving detailed explanation of the causes of my medical issues. He is very professional and I will definitely be having regular treatments. I highly recommend him.

  2. Tatiana Birch

    I was introduced to massages long long time ago in my young age. It was mostly for beautify and feeling light.
    With the time I came back again and again to massage for different reasons and using different specialists. From my experience Ken is one of the most devoted and knowledgable person who loves what he does. It is transferred to the person who he deals with. I definitely come back to support what we had already achieve in the sense of health. I had few issues as tension in the back … after few sessions I feel much better. It’s not only professional skills but the whole atmosphere works for me – nice place , clean and cosy, light talk on health tricks which might be easily used in everybody’s life. I always leave Ken with big fat Thank you

  3. Angela Bingley From East Yorkshire uk

    Thank you Ken, I was very Impressed, with your clinic, loved the treatments (massage, cupping and acupuncture) you give. Thought ken had a great positive mental attitude towards his sessions with the patients. His patients left in high spirits – both physically and mentally. Ken is very knowledgeable, experienced and skilled, and always showed a lot of patience. Highly recommend the
    people of Milton Keynes should Try him, you will not regret it!!. Good knowledge both in Western and Chinese medicine. He bridges both sides of the medical world. He understands the needs of his patients. He has a friendly manner.

    His is brilliant little practice, is so stylish! With a so relaxing atmosphere, He explain things with a simple understanding (what happening at all times). He made me feel as ease very quickly, with a professional good look, he is truly amazing and gifted individual who is excellent as his job.

    Ken is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and the treatment room was so inspiring and so relaxing with mood lighting.. The massage, cupping was so good. It is not possible yet to say how effective the treatment was, but I know definitely recommend Ken to others. The only problem is that he is so popular that he is booked up for at least 2 months in advance!

    Lovely person to meet, would recommend his treatments.

  4. Laura M

    I have had 6 treatments with Ken so far and I felt better and better after each of them. I have been suffering with chronic back pain for more than a year, and was finally diagnosed with spondylolisthesis a few of months ago. Not great news, considering that doctors only talked about pain management and could not suggest something that would really make a difference! Ken’s treatments (massage, cupping and acupuncture) have helped and have given me a lot of my mobility back. Apart from that, he has a very positive mental attitude and your sessions with him will leave you in a good place – both physically and mentally. Don’t be fooled by his young appearance – Ken is very knowledgeable, experienced and skilled, and always shows a lot of patience. Try him, you will not regret it!!

  5. Lesley Kahney

    Amazing. This was a wonderful session that brought numerous benefits that I never anticipated. Ken is professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. He puts you at your ease so you always feel comfortable and relaxed. I like how he makes suggestions for you to continue to support yourself at home. Highly recommended.

  6. Benny Chueng

    Highly Recommended. A Kuen is very very knowledge both in Western and Chinese medicine. He bridges both sides of the medical world. He understands the needs of his patients. He is trustworthy and friendly. I highly recommend him to others.

  7. Haingovola Leake

    Amazing treatment

    I am very pleased with the treatment I received and I feel so much better. Thank you. Ken is very friendly, kind and knowlegable. Highly recommended!!!

  8. Magda Calota

    Truly amazing

    Ken is fantastic, makes you feel very comfortable, he is very good at his job, has lors of knowledge. I think everyone that has medical problems should try a treatment with him as you can see good results after the first session. I highly recommend him.

  9. Javi


    Ken is one of the best professionals I ever met, he has really helped me. I was coming with good expectations and after my first session the expectations are more that fullfiled. I will totally recomend him,

  10. Tatiana Kraeva

    Fantastic experience! Very relaxing after 60 mins treatment. Pain is almost gone after first session. Very professional services. Treatment was worth the money paid. Highly recommended! Hope to book other session soon. Ken is fully booked.

  11. Maria Fabian

    Absolutely AMAZING!!

    I just had a 60 mins treatment for getting rid of the unnecessary stress. It worth every penny. It was very relaxing during the session and after.. it was like getting to another dimension (in a good way of course). It was really what I needed. I’ve already met Ken a couple of times and each time was amazing. Fabulous atmosphere in treatment room, high hygiene level. He has a pleasant personality, very easy to talk to. He has a massive positive energy what you can feel straight after you step in. I definitely go back for some treatments later. Highly recommended for everyone! Thank you Ken!

  12. Sarah Young


    Ken is a total professional and I thoroughly recommend him. He is friendly, kind, compassionate and always gives good advice. I enjoy every treatment and always look forward to talking to Ken about life the universe and everything! Thank you Ken

  13. Linda Jauncey

    Very good

    Ken is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and the treatment room is lovely with twinkling star lights on the ceiling. He used massage, cupping and acupuncture to treat me. It is not possible yet to say how effective the treatment has been as it is too early. Apparently I need a course of treatments and as I am over 60 it will take me longer to heal, but he was optimistic about a favourable outcome. I will definitely recommend Ken to others. The only problem is that he is so popular that he is booked up for at least 2 months in advance!

  14. Debbie Digby-Smith

    Highly recommended

    Ken is knowledgeable and thorough. Very professional and gave me great advice for health between appointments.

  15. Gillie Salter

    Acupuncture student

    I am an acupuncture student and spent the morning with Ken observing him treating patients. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and informative. I learnt a lot and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to other students.

  16. Michael Beale

    Highly recommended

    Really good. I didn’t realise how beneficial a combination of massage, cupping and acupuncture could be.

  17. Ann Orange

    I am really pleased with the treatment I received and I feel so much better. Ken is meticulous and thorough. Ken is welcoming and very attentive ensuring your treatment works with your individual needs and your body. Excellent treatment in a super relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

  18. Patrycja Sobera

    Excellent service, highly recommend
    Ken is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner. He takes time to assess and then treats the root cause of the condition. Fantastic service and variety of treatments on offer. Ken is welcoming and very attentive ensuring your treatment works with your individual needs and your body. Excellent treatment in a super relaxing and friendly atmosphere. I have been to other acupuncture clinics and this is by far the best in MK area.

  19. Debbie Digby-Smith

    Great Treatment, I am so pleased to have connected with Ken. Thorough and professional – he clearly knows his stuff.

  20. Gary Element

    Superb, 10 out of 10, I feel so much better after the treatments. Thank you.

  21. Ann Orange

    I was very impressed.Ken is very good. It definitely was worth the £40.00. I certainly will go back again.

  22. Jill Gardner

    I wish all health care professionals made you feel this welcome!
    Amazing treatments and approach. I felt extremely at ease and confident with the suggested treatments. Delighted to have started here as a patient.

  23. Seena Saini

    Great treatment

    Ken, has helped my mum and myself greatly in our treatment. we have had cupping and acupuncture. He is very knowledgable and provides great treatments and methods. Very grateful for the great treatments.

  24. Delyana Pavlova

    Highly satisfactory.
    I got a 15 min informative appointment with Ken and I am very happy with the way he answered my questions and all the clues and information provided. He is very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and I highly recommend him.

  25. Denise Pasquet

    I received a five star service from Ken an expert acupuncturist and thoroughly lovely, informative guy who took the time to explain about Ying and Yang and what the procedure consisted of. Looking forward to eating a ying based diet and my next appointment. I can see why he is so busy and it is so hard to get an appointment.Thank you Ken.

  26. Tony O'Shea-Poon

    The treatment was amazing, as always, thank you xx

  27. Ian Andrew

    The treatment is just great. Ken is professional and knowledgeable and has the ability to relax his patient. The treatment room is scrupulously clean. Perfect.

  28. Lorraine Cronin

    Ken never fails to make me feel comfortable and get to the root of my problems. I have angina type symptoms, which leaves me feeling tired and low. After a visit I have fewer attacks and my mood lifts. I will always seek his advice for any issues that come along and for my general well being

  29. Ash Kotecha

    Wonderful experience…Ken is very knowledgeable and good at what he does. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a genuine acupuncturist I MK! Ken will answer all your questions so book a free consultation and take it from there.

  30. Laetitia Miles

    I am a new student studying acupuncture, where I need to carry out observations of practitioners at work. Today I spent a day with Ken, he is a fantastic mentor, very knowledgeable, friendly, and patient, especially with a novice like myself! I would highly recommended Ken not just for treatment but also as a mentor.

  31. Michael Beale

    Highly recommended…

  32. Serap Schulze

    Very impressed with my appointment with Ken. He explained everything in detail and treatment was performed in a very relaxing atmosphere.He was very professional. Great first experience can highly recommend him.

  33. John King

    First class!
    Highly skilled acupuncturist and cupping therapist. Totally recommend for any ailments.

  34. Lucinda Mobaraki

    I have benefited from several treatments and have experienced a massive improvement. Ken is a true professional. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to family and friends.

  35. Sally Falconer

    amazing treatment, feel better already thank you ken x

  36. Daniel Andersson

    AKUEN Medical Therapies is great! I have been a regular the past 12 months, the overall experience has been very professional from the thorough consultation, effective treatments and maintenance advise. The online booking system is also quick and simply.

  37. Andy Martin

    Fast reduction of the pain I had. NHS had nothing to offer but within a few days I was able to sleep comfortably. Carpal tunnel was no more.

  38. Charles Beesley

    Top man
    Ken is brilliant and a true expert

  39. Lyn Atkins

    Very impressed with my appointment with Ken. He explained everything in detail and treatment was performed in a very relaxing atmosphere. I would highly recommend him.

  40. Andrew Jones

    Chinese massage, Cupping & acupuncture
    So professional & knowledgable and feel so good during & afterwards

  41. Jill Gardner

    Informative first visit and definitely something I will consider in my long term treatment plan.

  42. Susan Churchill

    Amazing treatment
    I have been visiting Ken for a while. I had cancer followed by 12 sessions of chemo. Ken has been helping me through some unpleasant side effects caused by the chemo. I wished the oncologist at the hospital had talked to me about additional treatments that could help me through my chemo sessions. Anyone out there who would like to try acupuncture but are afraid to do so – please make an appointment! Ken is amazing and has made such a difference to my quality of life!

  43. Kevin O'Rourke

    Great service, The service and quality is superb, I highly recommend Akuen for ailments of any kid and you get some lovely circles on your body to remind you of the treatment!

  44. Gillian Barber

    Another fantastic massage/acupuncture treatment. Feeling fabulous! Thank you Ken, merry Xmas and a happy new year

  45. Mária Fábián

    It was a pleasure to meet with Ken. He is very friendly and communicative so it doesn’t cause any problem to talk with him. The best thing was that he didn’t want to sell me anything. I could feel that he cares about me not with his own budget. I definitely recommend him. 🙂

  46. Brad Tuttle

    Great stuff. ken does not mess about, the atmosphere in the treatment room is great, totally relaxing and the relief I had from my shoulder after the treatment has been superb!

  47. Susan Miles

    I have benefited a great deal from my sessions with Ken and believe that my quality of life has improved since I started seeing him. He is a kind and perceptive listener and is able to modulate the treatment he provides appropriately to a diverse range of ailments. He works tirelessly to ensure an excellent outcome and I appreciate this. I would thoroughly recommend Ken and the therapies he offers.

  48. Mark Daughtry

    I highly recommend Akuen as a totally professional and truly magical experience. I was very skeptical about alternative therapies but left my first session in no doubt whatsoever that, not only do they work, but I would now, thanks to Ken, place this well above western methods. Relaxing, professional and effective.

  49. Lucy Franklin

    Fantastic service, I’ve been visiting Ken for a while now and he always makes me feel like a new woman. Very professional and personal treatment, I can’t recommend AKUEN enough.

  50. Raj Malhi

    A service that delivers
    Akuen Medical Therapies is a business which is highly underrated. The medical services Ken provides are nothing short of effective and highly beneficial. In addition to providing a service, Ken does not fail to ensure you are comfortable with the treatments at all times. He not only does his best to ensure you’re are comfortable but the environment in which he carries out treatments in is tranquil and relaxing to say the least. Ken, thank you for your help and care. I am a happier and healthier person because of you.

  51. Tope Beesley

    Excellent, Ken was very knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel comfortable. I’ll be back

  52. Riaz Khan

    Ken’s passion in his field is reflected in the outcomes of the sessions he holds. His approach is professional and sincerer. He is warm and sympathetic. His advice is always clear and concise. His recommendations are well researched and proven. Ken’s practice is clean and relaxing. Ken’s services are very affordable. His techniques are soft where needed and strong when required. I always come out from our sessions relaxed and strong. I have made life changes on Ken’s advice.

  53. Shirley Marshall

    First Visit
    Visited Ken today and found him to be a thoroughly wonderful professional. After a really detailed consultation I had my first treatment for arthritic joints and back pain. I will definitely be booking a course of treatment to see if my condition can be improved. After my session today I’m confident that this will be the case. I would certainly recommend this wonderful clinic.

  54. Lynn McBrearty

    Highly Recommended

    I can’t praise Ken highly enough. I’ve been suffering with pain in my hip for over two years. I’ve visited a physio, chiropractor and osteopath and none of their treatments elevated the pain. One visit to Ken and I was pain free. His treatments and remedy’s are certainly helping me to rebalance my life.

  55. Lorraine Cronin

    Amazing benefits
    Amazing from start to finish. Left feeling positive and three days later still feeling brilliant. Looking forward to my next treatment and feeling all the benefits to an even greater extent. Wish I have taken this route years ago a big thank you.

    Works miracles
    My first treatment was on 19th December 2015. I decided to try this therapy because I was having severe attacks similar to angina. Often 14 or more in 7 days. I was exhausted and scared that my body may not be able to tolerate many more before my heart gave up. I had been under investigation at two hospitals for two months and the attacks were rapidly getting worse. I was told after the first session I could expect some improvement in approximately a week. I immediately felt better in myself and on the 25th December 2015 I had my last attack. Since then I have been attack free. I feel amazing. I had another treatment with Ken on Saturday and will continue with the sessions once a fortnight until he feels I no longer need to. I will seek his advice for anything that I’m concerned about. I have now returned to work after 3 months and truely believe I would still be unable to work if it wasnt for this man. I cannot thank him enough he is just amazing and has given me my life back. If anyone reads this and is considering a consultation please book it. Talk things through and put your trust in his hands.

  56. Andrea Baldwin

    Ken is Amazing! I went to see him for menopausal problems, hot flashes, irregular periods etc, and not really sleeping well at all….. well what can I say…Ken is absolutely fantastic! he certainly knows his stuff, very highly recommended, no more hot flashes, sleeping better…life is good!

  57. Sandy Griggs

    This was my first visit. My initial consultation was extremely professional and informative with lots of and followed by a fantastic hour long treatment tailored to my needs. Every treatment was explained thoroughly and I will certainly be booking a course of treatment.

  58. Tracey Oak

    First session, Why didn’t I go sooner? A wonderful experience from start to finish, professional and interesting. I felt relaxed as soon as I stepped inside, a lovely place and a brilliant practitioner. I feel as though I am on the road to recovery, making another appointment now!

  59. Georgia Proudfoot

    Today was my first app with Akuen medical therapies. I found the consultation was detailed and professionally executed. My treatment was well explained and found the treatment room warm and clean. I can already feel a difference in my body and am looking forward to my course of treatments.

  60. Louise Stefanie

    Really impressed with Ken’s services. Ken knows his stuff well and genuinely wants to help others. He is also one of the most open-minded/non judgmental people I’ve met and this instantly puts you at ease.
    The clinic is well designed, clean and always smells nice. The mood/ambiance is perfect.
    I always feel thoroughly relaxed after treatments and wake up with increased energy the next day.
    I would highly recommend if you’ve never tried acupuncture before, even if just for the consultation… You may be surprised. =)

  61. Hellen Kelli

    I’m very happy with my first visit to Akuen. It was so relaxed and stress free. The place is very clean and calming and Ken is a very knowledgeable professional. I couldn’t choose a better place to have my treatment and I highly recommend him.

  62. Linda Wardlaw

    Feeling positive
    I visited Ken today and I’m now feeling very positive about what lies ahead as he helps to balance my body and organs. I found Ken to be very professional yet friendly and approachable. He clearly has a passion for his job. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  63. Darren Smith

    Highly Recommended
    What an experience! I had no idea what to expect but was genuinely intrigued by the diagnosis that Ken provided and the variety of therapies that he ran through. Everything he said made sense and I am optimistic that this and the various techniques he ran through will help me to resolve the issues that I have experienced with my back as well as helping me to make beneficial changes elsewhere in my life.

  64. Jane Hulston

    This is the first time I have tried this therapy, have multiple problems. Ken was very thorough with health questions and then decided on the right kind of treatment for me, personalised to my own problems. Had a lovely relaxing massage, followed by cupping treatment, then acupuncture on various parts of my body, and head massage. Throughout the procedures Ken explained everything thoroughly as to what each treatment would help with! I have to say found very relaxed atmosphere. Although some treatments slightly uncomfortable, looking forward to more!!!! Excellent service Ken. Thank you.

  65. George Lim

    Very impressed
    This is my first visit to Ken. Ken made me very at ease and explained all the various issues I have after the initial consultation. I felt great after the massage. I would definitely recommend Ken to anyone who is looking for an acupuncture or a massage.

  66. Stefanie Sbcznsk

    Treatment for UTI
    You are reading the feedback’s on Kens website, therefore you are obviously thinking about an alternative treatment for a problem you have. I have been doing the same a few months ago and let me tell you that the decision to go was one of the best in my life! I have been suffering from chronic UTI’s for the last ten years and the western doctors have been telling me that there is nothing that can be done. Three months into treatment with Ken and I feel better then I have ever felt before. The symptoms and the pain, the constant fear that it will soon come back again are gone. I did a mix of herbal and physical treatment and it was worth every penny. If you still have any doubts, book the free consultation and let Ken convince you with his knowledge and passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  67. Gillian Barber

    Feeling awesome. Highly recommended!

  68. Raju Thota

    I really wanted a good stress busting relaxation. Akuen Therapy does provide that. Ken is a real professional. The whole ambience feels relaxing, so far its had 2 sessions and I feel its working well with me. Would definitely recommend. Cheers Raju Thota

  69. Petra Jahn

    Hi Ken, just thought i let you know, that last weeks treatment has really made a difference. My plantar is not to sore at all, also my wrists and elbows feel better. My back is still a bit sore but much better then the week before. Knees are slightly better too. Thank you so much. That’s what I needed for my holidays. I definitely feel more human again. Thank you for that. Have a good weekend and look forward to my next treatment. Petra

  70. Gerard Prado

    I received my initial 90 min treatment to relieve some permanent stress problems. The clinic is gorgeous, really clean and easy to access. From the first minutes you can feel that Ken lives his profession as a passion. He doesn’t only treat what you were coming for, but he also does a full check-up, and advises you without being pushy: you immediately feel confident.

    After 90 min of massage, cupping-glass and acupuncture, I feel very zen and I enjoyed the best sleep I’ve had for a long time. In addition to the pleasant moment, the benefits can be quickly felt.

    I intend to follow his advice in my daily life and use his services again.

  71. David Hutchins

    Fantastic treatment, I’ve had numerous sessions now and have found that my original problems (which were anxiety, sleeping difficulties and sweating) have all improved substantially. Although I was slightly sceptical about acupuncture and it’s effectiveness beforehand (mainly due to my pessimistic mother’s views), I would now definitely recommend it. No matter how specific, unusual or embarrassing your problem – give it go! Acupuncture can pretty much help anything. Ken is also very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We always have a good chat each session!
    Moreover, sometimes with the NHS you feel as if you’re just another patient and that they just want your appointment to be over as quick as possible but with Ken you can tell that he actually cares and wants to help resolve your problems.
    Overall, the treatment has been relaxing, enjoyable and, most importantly, effective. Good value for money!

  72. Mike Nash

    Great treatment
    Really enjoyed my treatment today with Ken. Very professional, knowledgable and one of the most thorough treatments I’ve had. Have booked up for more sessions.

  73. Andre VDS

    Thank you Ken for the friendly welcome to your well-designed, comfortable practice. I was slightly apprehensive as to how this first conversation would go, as I would have to scroll through a long list of complaints, some long established, most not really addressed by my doctors, here and abroad. You were a patient and encouraging listener, and I was interested to hear how you were making sense and weaving together, within your own therapeutic tradition, various strands of health difficulties, some of which severe, which I thought were quite distinct. Our initial conversation was encouraging, and I was also impressed by the attentive, thoughtful and unhurried manner in which you then gave a set of initial treatments, always preparing me as to what to expect.

    In terms of results, it is early days and I’ll go by your recommendation to look for improvement over time. One specific area -something to do with a painful joint- seems to be responding, in a small way for now, but definitely moving further away from the pain threshold. And whilst on the day I expected to be drained of all energy, not looking forward to a long drive after your treatment, on the contrary I felt surprisingly alert, calm and relaxed but fully in control.

    I’m sure there is more to come and I’m looking forward to our next appointment. 🙂

  74. Carrie White

    After being let down by the NHS on numerous occasions and trying EVERYTHING to try and cure my skin problems, ovary problems and lack of energy I decided to try Chinese Medicine; Ken. I have had three treatments from Ken now – from the very first session I felt amazing, have no pain, my skin is better and I have never felt the same tiredness since. I wish I’d had gone to Ken from the start. He’s magic! If you have doubts at least try because once you’ve had the experience you’ll be proven wrong.

  75. M J Iosa Porriciello

    Felt really pampered!
    Ken always makes me feel better! No matter how bad I feel! He helped restore my energy back after having a very stressful period of time. He’s very concerned about my health. He also helps me eliminate toxins off my body! And I love it, Cz it makes my skin look bright and healthy! You can tell how much he loves doing his job!

  76. Peter Leeson

    Excellent, Thorough review of the issues and problems, in-depth interview, fantastic massage and helpful acupuncture to relieve pain and symptoms. The whole thing accompanied by friendly banter and discussion.

  77. Jisbeer Lotey

    Ken knows his stuff certainly sorted me and I would recommend him with any doubt.

  78. Monika P.

    I really enjoy the sessions. Ken is very charizmatic and professional. I definitelly benefit from the treatments. He can make such a relaxing session with healing elements. I feel always encouraged and hopeful for healing. Ken is very skilled with holistic approach and he understand the body system well. He thinks and works with many skills and techniques, which the session made very interesting and pain realising in the same time. I really enjoy his space. I would definitelly recommend to everyone. Thank you so much.

  79. Gabi Leeson

    Very friendly and sfficient, detailed conversation about symptoms and general health before treatment. Very relaxing massage. Next day feeling sore as Ken predicted, but now feeling very much better. I can definitely recommend Ken!

  80. Mark Featherstone

    Just had a great introductory session, the first of many to come. I felt totally at ease with Ken and it was obvious he knew his stuff! This was my first electro-acupuncture and cupping session and although it was several hours ago I have a warm glow on my back and feel really relaxed. There was no pressure or sales patter just a need to understand my issues and to rectify them. It is obvious that Ken is an altruist who enjoys what he does. I feel sure that over the next few weeks I will become a new man. I would recommend Ken to anyone!!

  81. Gemma Gibbard

    Excellent service. Ken was really welcoming and I was impressed with the premises. Felt looked after, relaxed and like I could completely trust him. Would highly recommend. Will definitely be going back again and have booked my partner in for a session with him.

  82. tova irving

    I am so grateful to Ken for the very professional, yet personal treatment I receive. I particularly like the manner in which Ken treats me as a whole person, and how he has shown me the interrelationships in the body and how they affect the flow of energy which in turn affect symptoms. I have few chronic medical conditions, for which I see different medical consultants but none of which treat me as a whole. Ken is an expert at massage, knowing where and when to exert more or less pressure. I am very impressed with his acupuncture, he is so gentle. I was initially very sceptical but after my first session I am converted. I now get relief from conditions I have lived with for a very long time. After seeing you, my batteries feel recharged and you are great at listening, understanding and help me to face the world again. Thanks Ken for your great treatment and service, you certainly have natural healing talents.

  83. Anna Kozowy

    Ken is a great therapist 🙂
    I am suffering from chronic sinusitis and I have had an acupuncture treatments in the past but I have never met someone so passionate about that as Ken. He does not just stab me with needles but looks on whole problem including my lifestyle and diet. His personality is also great I am never bored with him! 😉 I am happy and lucky that I have found him. I would recommend the clinic to everyone, you will not regret!

  84. Jack Shipton

    Congratulation on the clinic launch Ken!! Being one of the first people to experience the new clinic I wanted to say a few words. This is brilliant little practice, amazing use of space and so stylish! I was looking for a male massage therapist initially as some of the ones I saw before was just not quite strong enough to work out my back and shoulder problems. I was a little sceptical with Ken at first as he looked rather young to be treating, but boy, was I proven wrong! Ken is so professional and he knows exactly what he is doing. He explains everything to me as before, during and after the treatment, so I understand what happening at all times. He is so skilled and knowledgeable about his profession and he made me feel as ease very quickly. In fact after the consultation we were have a good chat about everything and anything. The treatments have exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy that Ken not only treats my main problem, but also, he investigates and explores all the other issues that could be wrong with my body. Ken is very genuine and in some ways like a real old trusted friend, which is odd he just doing a treatment for me…All the little extra touches that Ken put in make the experience magical and worth my while. I hope other people who read this will support his practice as he is truly amazing and gifted individual who is excellent as his job.

  85. Ian S

    Fantastic treatment, Ken was very informative, he explained what he was doing and how everything worked in treatment. Everything made so much more sense, unlike some of the other treatments i had before, where the acupuncturist just stabs you and tells you that ‘its ok, its ok, dont worry, dont worry’. What i found amazing is how accurate the diagnosis was. Things that i was not aware that were related symptoms where all listed to me. I was very surprised about how the orient figured all this out. Ken did an amazing jobs and im and a real believer in this medicine because of him. I loved the lighting in his place, i think i would want some stars for my bedroom ceiling after experiencing effects haha.

  86. Mark Roberts

    Felt like jelly after the treatment. Out like a light, best night sleep ever had. Next morning i could still feel the cupping things. Then next day after that, i couldnt feel the back pain i had. Bringing my mum next time, Back to the gym for me. Thanks bud.

  87. Maria M

    So glad I found this place, I used to get my treatment in town, but it got incredibly expensive. There was quite a hard sell at the last place and I couldn’t really continue my treatments there. Felt bad saying to them that I couldn’t afford all the herbs and treatment, so I just stop going. Now I just pay by treatment, and Ken is very professional and friendly and can speak fluent English, which I wasn’t what i was expecting, as I had a few problems before with the Chinese doctor not understanding what I was describing. Cant wait to for my next appointment. Thanks for all your work A+++

  88. Kitty

    Hello my name is Kitty and I come to Ken for all my problems. I suffer from high blood pressure and frequent colds and pain in the shoulders that leads to headaches. I live in Paris but I come to England often. Whenever I’m here I have a burst of treatment from Ken. I only trust him to do my acupuncture.

  89. William Chew

    I’ve been using Ken since he qualified as a massage therapist a few years back. Ken sorted my back and shoulders out which was due to RSI. I really notice the difference when I miss my treatments, I feel so achy if I don’t get a fix of treatment regularly. Everyone should have massage and acupuncture.

  90. Tova Irving

    After feeling down a depressed and lost the will to live, your treatment was amazing. I felt so much better after just one treatment. I had more energy and regained my will to fight for life. Thank you so much, you have a gift.

  91. Warren Good

    I’ve not been sleeping well for months so was very sceptical about using treatment but visiting you I was made to feel very relaxed and pain free. Now I have been sleeping well and it’s all thanks to you. I would recommend you to all my friends and family.

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