I offer a range of different treatments, which are selected based on the condition I am treating.

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If there is a specific treatment that you would like to try, please let me know during your consultation.


Therapy that involves inserting small fine needles into various body positions to stimulate recovery and unblock meridian channels. Electro-acupuncture creates a constant simulation to boost the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

For internal conditions Chinese herbal medicine can be more effective as opposed to physical therapies.  However, in most cases using a combination of Herbal Medicine and physical treatments achieve better well-rounded effects.  Herbal Medicine can also benefit those that have problems with acupuncture therapy.

Tui na massage

A hands on body treatment that uses Chinese taoist and martial art principles to bring the body into balance.

Cupping therapy

A therapy to clear stagnation, allowing energy and blood to move freely, thereby reducing pain and other problems.

Tui na aromatherapy

A unique infusion of Tui na massage with essential oils, creating a powerful and healing effect for a wide range of conditions affecting the body and mind.


Moxibustion is the process of burning directly over the acupuncture points close to the surface of the skin.  This treatment warms the areas of the body, triggering a healing function.  Moxipuncture is where the herbs are burnt attached to an acupuncture needle, which enables the heats to be channeled deep within the acupuncture point enhancing the effects.

Bio Heat Lamp/Thermal Therapy

Gentle warm heat targeting areas of pain to stimulate recovery and therapeutic function.  Bio Heat Lamp Therapy is usually used to enhance acupuncture and massage treatments.

Gua Sha

Smooth blunt tool that is repeatedly stroked over the surface of the back causing blood vessels to dilate.  This treatment is very effective for detoxing the body and getting rid of colds and flu.