Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can significantly boost the therapeutic function of other treatments.  Chinese Herbal Medicine is a major part of several branches of Chinese Medicine, including the five elements, Yin and Yang balance, specific organ relationships, and thermal balances. 

The function of herbal medicine can dissipate disharmony, dysfunction and stagnation to restore the body to its balanced state, effectively tackling the root of the complaint rather than just the symptoms.

Chinese Herbal formulas are all derived from plants, such as roots, bark, flowers, and leaves.  They do not contain any animal or mineral product as per guidelines for practice in the UK.

For convenience of time, effort and palatability, all herbal prescriptions are prescribed in powdered form in small capsules. 

Capsule shells are normally gelatine-based, but for those with dietary restrictions, herbs can be dispensed in non-gelatine capsules or a powdered form which can be diluted in water.

All herbal treatments are tailored to individual specific needs, which are determined during a consultation.  This method ensures that all ailments presented can be uniquely supported to achieve a holistic treatment, rather than targeting just one problem at a time. There are no herbal formulas made in advance and therefore all herbal prescriptions will be subject to a dispensary time.

It is standard for all herbal treatments to be reviewed regularly as modifications need to be made to the formula to take account of the effects of the treatment and changes to symptoms/conditions.  Initial consultation (30mins approx.) is free and follow up treatments will be subject to a short consultation for assessment of effectiveness and any modifications needed.

Clients who are already receiving another treatment will receive a discount for herbal treatments. See the availability and prices page for further information.