Bio Heat Lamp Therapy

Bio Heat Lamp Therapy can be used in conjunction with the acupuncture therapy and moxibustion/moxipuncture. This can greatly improve the result of the therapy.

A heat lamp is positioned 12-18 inches above an area of the body with bare skin exposed from the body. The length of treatment for a single condition is typically 15–30 minutes.

The therapy has positive effects in the following ways:

  • BIO lamps raises the temperature in the tissue. The application of warmth alone is known to boost the micro-circulation through small blood vessels, improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells.
  • It results in the expansion of capillary vessels, rejuvenation of cells, and the promotion of blood circulation, which help to remove toxins from cells.
  • It increases the extensibility of collagen tissues, decreases joint stiffness, produces pain relief and relieves muscle spasms.

This therapy will not be used in the following cases:

  • Pregnant women and people experiencing fever, otitis media, splenitis, ophthalmic diseases, varicose veins, open pulmonary tuberculosis, serious arteriosclerosis, and with bleeding tendencies should avoid TDP mineral lamp therapy.
  • People with hypertension should not use the TDP Lamp on their head. When using on the head, protection of the eyes is required so they do not become dry.
  • Persons who cannot communicate when treatment is too hot should also avoid treatment.
  • Patients with neuropathy are warned that the inability to accurately feel the temperature of the treatment may result in accidental burns.
  • Treatment in areas with surgical implants (metal, silicone, pacemakers, etc.) should be avoided because of the risk that these foreign materials may absorb and hold heat at a different rate than living tissue, accidentally causing internal burns.
  • Should not be used for someone who exhibits “hot” symptoms already: a natural tendency to be hot, rapid pulse or red face, fever or headache, dry mouth, thirst, sore throat, or cough, yellow tongue, dark urine, or sticky yellow mucus, hot flashes or night sweats, redness and swelling, mouth and tongue sores, chapped lips, or bleeding gums, heart palpitations, mental agitation, mania, or insomnia.

The lamp itself can get very hot; caution is needed in the position of the lamp head.  I will make sure that the lamp is safely away from the bed after the treatment to avoid burns.