Work Life Balance

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Make time to relax, if you always have busy days at work and even after work, be sure to schedule in time to relax too.  As we get older our resistance and tolerance levels may not be as good.  So it’s vital to take time to recharge yourself.  Build in time to read a book, go out for a social jolly, watch a movie, have a bath or get some pampering, anything that isn’t chore like.2015-04-30 07.43.25

Work on your fitness and get moving. So many people feel as they get older they don’t have time for exercise or they are passed it…  It’s even more important to focus on your fitness as we age.  Exercise doesn’t always have to be made crazy gym work outs, but get out and do some walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, anything that gets your body moving.  And no it doesn’t count because you have a manual work. You just don’t build the same kind of good chemicals for your body while you are in work mode.

Take out things that deplete your energy and stress you out. If errands, chores, certain people and situations end up consuming all your energy, leaving you depleted low and deflated. You must find ways to reduce the time that you spend focusing on these lesser things.  If you don’t change then your situation wouldn’t change. Don’t be afraid of would might happen, trust that this will get better.