BLOG: New Ways of Living 2016

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I’ve just got back after a week of snowboarding in Arinsal-Andorra. The slopes in Arinsal and Pal were amazing plenty of lovely snow for skiing and boarding. The views from the top are amazing and breathtaking to say the least. It’s a great place to just be at peace with yourself but at the same time challenge oneself to perfect something.

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Starting from the end of last year I’ve really made it my mission to diversify my lifestyle incorporating structured breaks, holidays, fitness routine, and leisure/sports activities. I’m so glad that so far the year has transpired well.

This is what has happened so far and we are only in March:
-Started the year with a trip in Iceland
-Have been doing insanity DVDs daily for since I got back from Iceland.
-Started weekly session with a personal trainer.
-Had a new conservatory built and the clinic retiled.
-Had more body art “that’s leisure in a twisted way”
-Had a week out snowboarding.

So for the rest of the year my plans are:

-Take on monthly snowboarding development classes at Xscape
-Run another half marathon in May
-Triathlon in September
-Continue daily insanity DVDs
-Complete the tattoo project
-Do Masters qualification (sept)
-Break in Wales
-Summer BBQ open house
-Holiday in New Zealand or Australia (Nov)

Wow when you list out the things you plan to do in a year it sounds so much. But it just goes to show that if you set you mind to things, you do accomplish a lot. But rest assured I am still working in the clinic 5/6 days a week 10am-10pm, maximising all the time slots to fit as many clients in as possible.

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