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BLOG: Make Time for Yourself

I support many people in their health issues and a very common issue is that a lot of people have these days, have a lack of time they spend on themselves. Many mental health disorders such depression are much more common with people who don’t seek and hobbies and interests. When a person lacks these activities they often lose out in elements of friendships, support, conversation and socialisation and it makes it even harder to recover their state of mental health.

People who knows me, know that i work a lot of hours, but yet I still make time to fit leisure activities in my diary every week to ensure that my mind, body and spirit is well look after. My schedule includes running/HIT training daily, weights training, Music lesson, Yoga, Snowboarding, having my acupuncture session and massage for myself, and of course going for walks with my dog Inuki.

If you make the time there will be time to do things. Seriously no excuses please, if you value your health work on enjoyable things (not including TV…lol)