BLOG: Keeping Fit and Setting Goals

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It is always good to stay fit and often setting goals is a good way to achieve it.  This month i switched my regular Insanity DVD workouts for marathon training.  My last half marathon i ran during the end of 2015 and I completed the race 2:25mins. This time i was determined to be under 2hours.

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Race day was amazing, the sun was out and the energy was lively and it was such a nice day out. I had carbed up the night before and was well hydrated on the morning. I made a custom phone holder with a sock as I had lost my last armband phone holder. It worked a treat! what ill do without YouTube lol.

The race itself was good but I was half questioning the route they chose as it wasn’t very scenic. The start was a bit chaotic, as the half marathon runners were all mixed in with the full marathon runners. I don’t think that was intentional. After 1-2 miles into the run quite a lot of people ran off to urinate in the bushes, both male and female. It didn’t half plant that thought in my head about needing to go myself. But i blocked it all out and just kept running. I noshed on a few jelly babies at the half way point and was doing well for hydration. I started speeding up on the last 2 miles to hopefully make my time. When the stadiums was in sight I started to sprint, thinking that the finish line was just inside. When I got into the stadium I was disappoint to find that I still needed do a lap around the pitch to the finish line. At that point I didn’t really have much steam left in me to sprint, so I just jogged to the finish line and claimed my shinny medal. It was great to make just make it under 2hours. So next time I think ill try the full marathon, keep you posted!

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