Acupuncture for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

I get quiet a number of clients with problems of anxiety. Often people come to me for issues linked to physical body, but they will also have issues of anxiety that they have putting up with for many years. It is always good to see more research in this area.  Please see article below for more information.Special acupuncture points have been shown to relieve anxiety and produce tranquilizing clinical patient outcomes.

Article published by HealthCMi Feb 2014:

A recent study concludes that acupuncture relieves generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), a condition characterized by excessively intense and debilitating chronic anxiety. GAD sufferers cannot relax, startle easily and have impaired concentration. Overall, GAD sufferers are chronically worried and anxious.

In this new study, researchers note that “a number of Meta analysis and system evaluations point out that acupuncture treatment has more advantages than drugs in the treatment of anxiety disorders….” The researchers also note that acupuncture has a fast effective action and high compliance. In addition, acupuncture has a relatively minimal risk of side effects compared with drug therapy.

At the Healthcare Medicine Institute (HealthCMi), we promote acupuncture continuing education with acupuncture CEU and acupuncture PDA courses online. Our news division reports the latest in acupuncture and herbal medicine research. Most news is based on modern scientific reports. This recent study stands out because its basis is both in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) classical theory and modern biomedical research.

The researchers note that acupuncture is both safe and effective. A trend towards increased usage of acupuncture for GAD is partially due to the risk of side effects from drug therapy. Benzodiazepines are major anti-anxiety medications but there is a risk vertigo, sleepiness and addiction. SSRIs (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors are also important drugs for anti-anxiety treatments. However, side effects including nausea, irritability, sexual dysfunction, headaches, high blood pressure, dizziness, sweating and digestive disturbances complicate use of these medications.

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