AKUEN reviews Nutri-Ninja Pulverizer

Government guild line state that we should have five portion of fruit and veg a day.  But did you know it was actually meant to be around eight portions of fruit and veg through the initial recommendations, however it was thought that eight portions was not achievable by most people and was then lowered to five.  With that in mind i decided to take up juicing or pulverizing and this bring me to this kitchen gizmo.  The Nutri Ninja is one of the latest food processors that are on the market that can extract micro nutrients by pulverizing everything so that its easy to absorb into you body. So £100 later, hear it is…

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Now just to be clear i don’t work or have any loyalty to selling this product.  This review is purely my own experience of the machine.  With that said i have list the good points and some of the bad points about it.


1) Fast to clean, after a blend you just rinse it under the tap and its clean.

2) I typically have about 3 a day and its dead easy to use, just throw the fruit and veg,seeds in with a bit of water of juice and turn it on. It breaks everything up and ready for drinking.

3) It been great to use up a lot of left over veg that been sitting at the back of the fridge.

4) I haven’t snacked much since i got the Nutri ninja as i tend to just make a shake to satisfy any cravings.

5) On average i would eat around have about 8-10 portion of fruit and veg per day.  My first breakfast blend will typically be a a mix of fruits, kale,spinach, lind seed, black sesame seed, chia seed, walnuts and fresh juice.  Lunchtime would typically be a veg based blend with carrots, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, ginger and mint and some frozen berries for for flavour.  Evening would be a mix of any other fruit and veg that i havent had that day.

6) I can take a mix some Chinese herbs in that benefit my body with the tastes as its masked by the fruits generally.

7) Digestion has been very good…enough said lol (more…)

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Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatments Now Available

AKUEN Medical Therapies is proud to announce that from September 2014. Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments are now available.  As an introductory offer there will be a discount for herbal treatments priced at £30 for weekly treatment, until end of December 2014 (full price of £40 after promotion period end).
Ken O'Shea-Poon

All herbal treatments are custom made on the premises and tailored to the individuals specific needs, which be determined during a consultation.  This method ensures that all aliments presented can be uniquely supported to achieve a holistic treatment, rather than just targeting just one problem at a time. There are no herbal formulas made in advance and therefore all herbal prescriptions will be subjects to an overnight dispensary time.

Herbal Medicine is one of the main branches of Chinese therapies and is believed to significantly boost the therapeutic function of treatment from Traditional Chinese medicine.  Herbs are integral to a number of theories including the five elements, Yin and Yang balance, specific organ relationships, and thermal balances.  The function of herbal medicine can dissipate disharmony, dysfunction and stagnation to restore the body to its balanced state, effectively tackling the root of the complaint rather than just the symptoms.

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Shen The British Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 2014

To my colleagues of TCM and Acupuncture and anyone who is interested in this subject, just to let you know that the British Acupuncture Council are hosting their conference on…

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Acupuncture for Acne

Article from EPOCH TIMES:

New research finds acupuncture an effective treatment for the treatment of acne. Investigators examined the effects of four facial acupuncture treatments on patients suffering from acne vulgaris. Following the treatment regime, the investigators measured significant reductions in acne papules and nodules. Additional objective measurements revealed reductions in local inflammation of the skin and tissues. A survey measured a subjective satisfaction scale from patients that showed improvements as well.

The clinical data showed improvements in acne. The researchers also sought to measure the safety of acupuncture along with effectiveness. The researchers documented that no serious treatment related adverse effects resulted from acupuncture treatment. As a result, the investigation team concluded that standardized facial acupuncture is both safe and effective  for the treatment of facial acne and its associated inflammatory conditions.


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The Official Clinic Launch of AKUEN Medical Therapies

Today my clinic officially launched,  I thank everyone for attending this bench mark in my life and feel absolutely blessed to have all the support that i have had in bringing this venture to life. Special thanks to both of my tutors Dr Dan Tan and Qikan Yin for being my guest of honor and giving speeches on the event.  See below of some of the photo taken during the event.  To see more photos and comments of the event please visit my Facebook and YouTube channel thank you.

2013-09-15 08.41.412013-09-15 20.56.292013-09-15 20.56.492013-09-15 20.47.47 (more…)

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Acupuncture Effective for Reducing Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

(Photo : REUTERS/Andrew Wong) Knee pain is a very common occurrence acupuncture has been effective for reducing Osteoarthritis knee pain.  Please click on picture for research report from Nature World…

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Clinic Starlight Ceiling – Transforming Evening treatments

At AKUEN Medical Therapies i aim to give people a unique experience through transporting people to a place of tranquility.  Mode lighting and a shimmering star ceiling enables people to…

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