AKUEN Reviews INSANITY workout

INSANITY REVIEW: So i said i was trying this Insanity workout for its 60 day challenge, as couple of clients that asked me about if it was a good way to lose weight. So far i’m on day 20 so i thought id share some findings and results.
Firstly i wasn’t really doing it to lose weight, more for thinking about toning up.

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Anyways… positive stuff first:
1) I started with a weight of 67kg and now having just weighted myself, i come in at 61kg. 
2) My quads are much more defined especially the section above the knee.
3) Biceps and triceps are more firm and flex larger than my normal skinny arms (unfortunately i didn’t measure them before i started) 4) My stamina and endurance has improved greatly from days 1 which was really stop startish and gasping for air and water, to now being able to get through most of the DVD with a couple breaks during the intervals.
5) I beat all my day 1 fit test scores by quite a hefty amount on day 15.
6)I have much better energy throughout the day, even more than i had before. First time i really noticed it, it kept me up much later than my normal sleep time.

Some of the negatives:
1) On the first few days i felt a few knee twinges from all the squats and jumping. i would say that if you are a bigger person, you should wear some knee straps and may need to modify some of the moves to reduce impact.
2) The form is hard to keep a lot of the times and also its difficult to hold the core when you i still trying to figure out the moves.
3) Each DVD does take 45-60mins and its often hard to fit it in. Some nights i did it at 23:00 which pushes onto midnight.
4)After a while you know what is going to be said by Shaun T as you have seen the DVD a few times lol.
5) You will feel achy from time to time as the exercises vary.

On the whole i would say that if you stick at it and don’t miss a night., you will defiantly lose weight. Just doing the best you can to keep up with the DVD will make you sweat so much.

More review on 40 day mark. if the results are good i show the before and after shots.  Will keep you posted.