At the first consultation you will be asked about your condition. This will involve questions regarding your main complaint, like signs and symptoms that have been present, your medical history, current dietary, digestive and urinary patterns, emotional state and mental wellbeing. Subsequent visits will have a much shorter consultation and will be more focused on the treatment.

A unique pulse and tongue diagnosis will be taken. This involves taking your pulse from both wrists. You will be asked to show your tongue for a few seconds so that I can observe certain patterns.

Depending on your condition, a physical examination may be required, and sometimes a mobility test will be carried out to assess the extent and severity of the presenting complaint.

It is advisable not to eat for a couple of hours before treatment. Some treatments enhance digestive and urinal function, so it is a good idea to empty bowel and bladder prior to treatment to avoid any discomfort.

Typically sessions will last for 1 hour including the consultation time. Certain treatments may require more time but I will advise you during the first consultation.

Results will vary for different complaints; some conditions may require only a few treatments and some may take a longer period to have an effect. Again, this will be discussed before treatment.

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After the treatment it is normal to feel slightly sore and achy for the next few days as the body balances itself.  You may also experience tiredness and occasionally disorientation. It is advisable not to do anything strenuous immediately after treatment and to relax as much as possible for the remainder of the day.