This therapy involves a glass jar of variable sizes being placed on the body by creating a vacuum with a flame being held inside the jar for a short moment. The cups are positioned in certain places to trigger off certain therapeutic effects. This method helps with clearing stagnation in the affected area, allowing energy and blood to move more freely, which reduces pain and problems. Cupping therapy does often leave some bruise ring marks on the position where the cups have been. These bruises indicate a level of blood stagnation within the body. The more stagnation a person has, then the darker the bruising. The simulated bruising encourages a healing effect from the body to the specific area. However, unlike normal bruises, there is no pain involved, just the curative effect. These bruises eventually do disappear over a period of time, ranging from a few hours to a few days.

Cupping cautions

Cupping Therapy can leave temporary bruise marks on the local area. Please be mindful if you are worried about appearance in the next few days.  Sometimes people do get small blisters in the cupped area, which is often seen with clients that have excessive moisture and fluid retention in the treated area.  These blisters should be left alone and will disappear along with the cupping marks.