2013-08-18 09.47.21I am currently offering treatment on the following days and times.

Week days: 10:00-22:00

Weekends: 10:00-20:00

Please be aware that I am normally 1-3 months booked up ahead, so if you can’t find any bookings within the first few weeks then you might have to look a bit further ahead. You can check current availability by clicking green booking icon on the right of this page.  There you will be able to select dates and times that suit yourself.  If you really need to be seen quickly, and can’t find any appointments online please text message, phone call, or email me and i may be able to fit you in or put you on the cancellation list. I will respond to queries and appointment bookings within 24 hours.


2013-10-14 23.00.01Initial consultation – Free (30 mins)

Free 30 mins consultation that will be at the beginning of every first treatment, please note that the first consultation plus treatment will last 90 mins approximately.  Herbal treatments will also be subject to consultation, and herbal prescriptions can be collected 1 day after consultation.



2013-10-08 20.25.30Acupuncture combined with Tuina massage session – £40 (60 mins)

Standard treatments and follow up treatments for 60 mins, this session will consist of both acupuncture and massage, but also other therapies that I feel will benefit your condition such as cupping, electro-acupuncture, moxibusion, etc.



2013-10-11 22.48.36Pure Tuina massage session – £45 (60 mins)

60 mins treatment consisting of predominately Tuina massage; no needles for those that do not wish to have acupuncture.





2014-09-08 22.14.09Chinese Herbal Treatment – £40 per weekly treatment approx.

A weekly dosage of herbal medicine will cost an average of £40.  If you are a client receiving physical treatment in the form of acupuncture or massage, there will be a discounted rate for herbal treatments.  This will typically be £40 per weekly treatment. Repeat prescriptions will be subject to consultation as the effect of treatment will need to be assessed and any modifications made, depending on your condition.  The consultation is included in the price of herbal treatment at no extra cost.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate can be purchased at the clinic if you wish to treat someone special.



There will be special rates for friend’s recommendations and concession rates for older clients and those on benefits. Please contact me to find out terms and conditions.

Please note that all sessions of treatment will have a consultation before treatment commences. Initial treatment consultation will last for approximately 30 minutes.  Follow up treatments will have a shorter consultation to check current health and that the planned treatment is still appropriate.  This will normally take 5 to 10 minutes and is included in the prices above.


Upfront bulk payment

Pay for 4 sessions and get the 5th session Free.  This is a very popular offer as many conditions benefit from a minimum of 5 sessions.


Paying for services

Cash payment is acceptable. I also accept all major credit and debit cards; please ask during consultation or treatment if you would prefer to pay via card transaction. All card transactions are no longer subjected to service charge. Please be aware that unfortunately I do not accepts cheque payments.

To be more eco-friendly, if you require a payment receipt, this will be sent by email rather than printed.