As part of my business, I have decided to offer free treatments to local charities within the community.  I believe that this can help reduce social inequalities for groups of people that are less fortunate or unable to afford private treatment such as acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I feel that it is also essential to open out my therapies to wider audiences to support the growth and reputation of Chinese therapies within the community.

If you are a registered charity and would like to have your service users or staff benefit from traditional treatments of acupuncture please contact me via either phone or email.

Some terms and conditions

  • My voluntary contracts will typically run for 3-6 months with one charity, subject to availability.   Each month there will be two sessions of three hour periods.
  • Service users or staff of the given charity will need to come to my clinic in Broughton to receive treatment (Where possible, this can be negotiated if users are unable to attend, e.g. people who are bed bound, severely impaired, or in a secure facility)
  • All patients will have a full consultation and sign a consent form before treatment.
  • The charity will allow me to display brochures, posters and business cards within the Charity premises for a minimum period of one year.
  • Charity must sign a consent form to enable me to list their charity on my website as a record of recognition for my support.
  • Charity must have proof of Charity status.
  • Voluntary contract time can be terminated at any given time within reason from either or both parties.
  • Vulnerable adults and people suffering for severe mental health issues should be accompanied by another worker (subject to risk assessment).

For  full listing of terms and conditions please contact me directly.


Charity Portfolio:


MK Melting Pot

Telephone: 07947 897044

Main Email: info@mkmeltingpot.org

Web Address: www.themkmeltingpot.com

Address: Kingston Community Centre, 11 Winchester Circle, Kingston, Milton Keynes, MK10 0BA.

MK Melting Pot is Community Based Youth Organisation That Seek To Engage Youth In Developing Their Potential.

Melting Pot was established by Jade Adewunmi Jaiyeola, youth co-ordinator after several years experience of trying to engage the youth and assist those that are socially excluded, the inspiration of the holy spirit came for her to engage them in developing their own businesses. the project has been financed by Jade herself through business innovation and development, Milton Keynes College, and by the goodwill of family and friends. 
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a. to develop essential citizenship, social and work skills in unemployed and disadvantaged people from deprived areas through their own creativity in the are of catering with the view of helping them back into work and fully participating in the community.
b. to aid local regeneration and social inclusion and harmony, through developing ideas of local members of the community with the views of creating viable sustainable enterprises.
c. to work collaboratively with key stakeholders to ensure that the needs of our client groups are respected at a strategic level where key decisions are made.
d. to provide information, advice, and guidance about existing services and work collaboratively with all services providers to facilitate equality in accuracy to services.