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Acupuncture for Acne

Article from EPOCH TIMES: New research finds acupuncture an effective treatment for the treatment of acne. Investigators examined the effects of four facial acupuncture treatments on patients suffering from acne vulgaris. Following the treatment regime, the investigators measured significant reductions… Continue Reading →

Acupuncture Treatment for Insomnia

Many of my clients have this problem as a secondary complaint when they come to see me. I would say from my experience that acupuncture/massage has been able to support and improve sleep quality of many of my clients. The… Continue Reading →

Acupuncture for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

I get quiet a number of clients with problems of anxiety. Often people come to me for issues linked to physical body, but they will also have issues of anxiety that they have putting up with for many years. It… Continue Reading →

Acupuncture for Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Traditional acupuncture & the side effects of cancer treatmentCan traditional forms of medicine including acupuncture help people with the side effects of cancer treatment. In addressing this question this piece will look at the use of traditional acupuncture in pain… Continue Reading →

Listed British Acupuncture Council Member

AKUEN Medical Therapies is now officially listed on the British Acupuncture Council website. When selecting an Acupuncturist always check to see if they are registered with the leading acupuncture regulatory body. Always do your research before getting treatment from practitioner…. Continue Reading →

Acupuncture Treating Migrane

Migraine can be so debilitating, effects of acupuncture will vary from person to person, but benefits can easily be seen. If you want to find out more about how acupuncture could help please watch the video and check out the British… Continue Reading →

Acupuncture Effective for Reducing Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

(Photo : REUTERS/Andrew Wong) Knee pain is a very common occurrence acupuncture has been effective for reducing Osteoarthritis knee pain.  Please click on picture for research report from Nature World News.  If you suffer from knee pain or know anyone… Continue Reading →

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