BLOG: Starting to Practice Yoga

Figured that this month onward I shall start Yoga as part of my routine to keep and maintain healthy and supple body. I’ve started a classes with Elena and she runs 2 yoga session a week. Her venues are at Emerson Valley(Friday) and Willen Pavilion(Monday). If you want to also join please see link down below. I’ll see you there on Friday ^_^ b


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BLOG: Garden Project

2016-06-27 17.50.002016-06-27 17.50.19

2016-05-30 10.03.00

Well this month I’ve been focusing on the garden project. Gardening is a wonderful way to de-stress and work the physical body.  Putting together another space such as the garden can help you enjoy the seasons for all its colour and transitions. I am building most of it myself so its expected to to take some time.

2016-06-27 17.50.452016-07-04 08.10.112016-07-04 08.10.592016-07-22 21.15.232016-07-04 08.08.462016-07-04 08.07.55

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BLOG: Keeping Fit and Setting Goals

It is always good to stay fit and often setting goals is a good way to achieve it.  This month i switched my regular Insanity DVD workouts for marathon training.  My last half marathon i ran during the end of 2015 and I completed the race 2:25mins. This time i was determined to be under 2hours.

2016-05-04 19.27.10

Race day was amazing, the sun was out and the energy was lively and it was such a nice day out. I had carbed up the night before and was well hydrated on the morning. I made a custom phone holder with a sock as I had lost my last armband phone holder. It worked a treat! what ill do without YouTube lol.

The race itself was good but I was half questioning the route they chose as it wasn’t very scenic. The start was a bit chaotic, as the half marathon runners were all mixed in with the full marathon runners. I don’t think that was intentional. After 1-2 miles into the run quite a lot of people ran off to urinate in the bushes, both male and female. It didn’t half plant that thought in my head about needing to go myself. But i blocked it all out and just kept running. I noshed on a few jelly babies at the half way point and was doing well for hydration. I started speeding up on the last 2 miles to hopefully make my time. When the stadiums was in sight I started to sprint, thinking that the finish line was just inside. When I got into the stadium I was disappoint to find that I still needed do a lap around the pitch to the finish line. At that point I didn’t really have much steam left in me to sprint, so I just jogged to the finish line and claimed my shinny medal. It was great to make just make it under 2hours. So next time I think ill try the full marathon, keep you posted!

2016-05-04 19.27.45

2016-05-03 08.57.47

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Keep Your Brain Young

2016-05-04 17.45.20Taking on new skills continually throughout life the brain builds new neurons and neuro-pathways and reduces the occurrences and development of brain degeneration. Simply put learning new skills every so often can help reduce disease like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. So if you want to keep your brain young and sharp think about what new hobbies and skills you want to take on. I found that learning music is a great way to challenge the mind. Simply learning to read music engages the mind as its like a new language. The motion of playing an instrument promoted hand eye coordination and it’s very relaxing and rewarding on the body when you are achieving new skills.

VLOG pic

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BLOG: New Ways of Living 2016

I’ve just got back after a week of snowboarding in Arinsal-Andorra. The slopes in Arinsal and Pal were amazing plenty of lovely snow for skiing and boarding. The views from the top are amazing and breathtaking to say the least. It’s a great place to just be at peace with yourself but at the same time challenge oneself to perfect something.

2016-03-05 18.25.42

Starting from the end of last year I’ve really made it my mission to diversify my lifestyle incorporating structured breaks, holidays, fitness routine, and leisure/sports activities. I’m so glad that so far the year has transpired well.

This is what has happened so far and we are only in March:
-Started the year with a trip in Iceland
-Have been doing insanity DVDs daily for since I got back from Iceland.
-Started weekly session with a personal trainer.
-Had a new conservatory built and the clinic retiled.
-Had more body art “that’s leisure in a twisted way”
-Had a week out snowboarding.

So for the rest of the year my plans are:

-Take on monthly snowboarding development classes at Xscape
-Run another half marathon in May
-Triathlon in September
-Continue daily insanity DVDs
-Complete the tattoo project
-Do Masters qualification (sept)
-Break in Wales
-Summer BBQ open house
-Holiday in New Zealand or Australia (Nov)

Wow when you list out the things you plan to do in a year it sounds so much. But it just goes to show that if you set you mind to things, you do accomplish a lot. But rest assured I am still working in the clinic 5/6 days a week 10am-10pm, maximising all the time slots to fit as many clients in as possible.

2016-02-29 07.51.46


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Seasonal Closures

2015-12-06 07.57.49

Hello everyone just a quick update to let you know dates that the clinic is closed.  The clinic will be closed from 27th of December to 4th Jan January 2016. Please remember that all appointments can be booked online and if you cant find the space you might have to look a bit further ahead as  its first come first serve. I would like to take this time to wish everyone a happy time off and seasonal greetings to all.

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Happiness comes in many forms and people often ask what do i to de-stress after a long days work.  I consider myself to live quite a simple life and my therapy work gives me so much joy.  It really doesn’t feel like a job but more a lifestyle. One of the best thing i have in my life to help me feel happy is my pet dog Inuki. Taking her for long walks and playing games keeps me and her happy and active.  She is one of the best companions a person can have, just look at her and you’ll see why.

2015-06-17 08.24.52

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Glimpse of the Experience

If you wanted to have a look at the clinic and find out where all there treatments takes place, please click on the on the image to watch on youtube. (if the picture link fails please click here)

I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and other social media links, please see links below and connect with me:

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New Signage and Enterance

So its been a few years now and according to feedback, people would like a bigger more visible door sign . So here it is. Nice shinny sign all hung in its glory.  The new entrance to the clinic is up the ramp leading towards side of the building.  Please note that the entrance at the front is not longer used.

2015-06-13 20.47.28

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Supporting LGBTQ PRIDE

PRIDE therapy

Its London pride week, time to bring out those freedom flags in support. Pride is positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.

2015-06-16 15.45.47

Life is better when there are a variety of differences. Let life be filled with all the colours of the rainbow. AKUEN Medical Therapies (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to support people on all walks of life.

2015-06-16 16.19.05

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