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Blog: Personal Path to Fitness

Blog: Personal Path to Fitness:         Exercising the body is vital for good health and longevity, it clears the mind, stimulates the body to produce more energy, regulates and boosts your digestion/detoxification capabilities and great way to… Continue Reading →

Pricing Change Announcement

Pricing Change Announcement: Dear service users Please note that from 1st Sept. 2017, prices for all treatments at Akuen Medical Therapies will be adjusted. Combined acupuncture/massage/cupping treatment, £40. Full massage only, £45. Herbal treatments, £40 per batch, which will last… Continue Reading →

BLOG: Make Time for Yourself

I support many people in their health issues and a very common issue is that a lot of people have these days, have a lack of time they spend on themselves. Many mental health disorders such depression are much more… Continue Reading →

BLOG: Starting to Practice Yoga

Figured that this month onward I shall start Yoga as part of my routine to keep and maintain healthy and supple body. I’ve started a classes with Elena and she runs 2 yoga session a week. Her venues are at Emerson… Continue Reading →

BLOG: Garden Project

Well this month I’ve been focusing on the garden project. Gardening is a wonderful way to de-stress and work the physical body.  Putting together another space such as the garden can help you enjoy the seasons for all its colour… Continue Reading →

BLOG: Keeping Fit and Setting Goals

It is always good to stay fit and often setting goals is a good way to achieve it.  This month i switched my regular Insanity DVD workouts for marathon training.  My last half marathon i ran during the end of… Continue Reading →

Blog: Keep Your Brain Young

Taking on new skills continually throughout life the brain builds new neurons and neuro-pathways and reduces the occurrences and development of brain degeneration. Simply put learning new skills every so often can help reduce disease like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease…. Continue Reading →

BLOG: New Ways of Living 2016

I’ve just got back after a week of snowboarding in Arinsal-Andorra. The slopes in Arinsal and Pal were amazing plenty of lovely snow for skiing and boarding. The views from the top are amazing and breathtaking to say the least…. Continue Reading →

Disruption and Sound Disturbance

Apologies to my clients as the treatments this week will be hindered by the sound of workmen in my garden. I’m currently having a conservatory built in my back of the house which might double up as a waiting area… Continue Reading →

Let’s Keep Healthy

This month I’ve started increase my fitness goals by enlisting a personal trainer Lynn McBrearty (A Fitter Life) from Newport Pagnell. I’ve decided have PT sessions every week to boost my fitness and strive for a better work life balance…. Continue Reading →

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