I’m happy to tell you a little about myself. I was born in the UK and my parents are both from Hong Kong. As a result, I have a deep appreciation of Chinese tradition and culture whilst also understanding Western medical practice. I have a first class Bachelors Degree Honors in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Middlesex University. This includes academic study in both Western and Chinese medicine and clinical practice. I have worked in a number of NHS establishments including Whittington Hospital, Royal Free Hospital, North Middlesex Hospital, and Soho NHS clinic. Private clinics include Asante clinic, Archway and Haverstock Hill clinic in London. I have also carried out a placement in China within the First People’s Hospital in Changzhou. I’m qualified as a Tui na practitioner and have knowledge of Aromatherapy. I use a unique fusion  Tui na massage combined with aromatherapy, using carefully selected essential oils to enhance the physical and psychological effects of massage.  To complement my acupuncture treatment, I also practice moxibustion, electro-acupuncture, cupping therapy and gua sha techniques. I also prescribe Chinese herbal medicine to deal with a wide range of aliments that can be more suitable treatment for certain conditions.

Personal Life

I am into keeping fit and setting myself fitness goals to keep myself active and healthy. I participate in activities such as marathons, triathlon and snowboarding, calisthenics, parkour, yoga, hiking, home fitness DVDs in particular Insanity, wall climbing and paint balling. I tend to give everything a try when it come to fitness. However oddly i am not really into many team sports unless its the Olympics. I love to travel and go sight seeing, some of my favorite places that I have been to include: Japan, Iceland, Hong Kong, and various places in Europe. I frequently have breaks in the UK also, which is pretty much anywhere that I can take my little dog Inuki. People know me to be obsessed with my Shiba Inu puppy: Inuki. She is essentially my baby girl and goes wherever i go. If you would like to meet her during a visit, please let me know…Inuki loves meeting my clients. I’m also one of those people that have always got projects on the go. I do a lot of DIY projects at home, and i’m constantly decorating something or building something.  In my spare time I also learn to play music. I have recently started learning the harp and its become my pride and joy to learn such a wonderful instrument.

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